Gossip might be fun and most indispensable life entertainment of some peoples. Seem like fun activities when friend or co worker come together and participated. Popular activity that occurs easy is to gossip in a group about other. But if the resulting gossip to reach the ears of the other people we mention him in bad terms. Whether in the form of periodic news or to tell people he read vs. write down message that we social network widely read. If he does that, then anything, but you know if he will remove the title or not, you may be exposed to a libelous very easily. Today Uncle Moustache Thai Lawyer will bring the issue of defamation that occurs when someone is speaking or gossip other in a negative or not true statement about that other. The ability to third parties. Spoken by the people, it is hate or ruin reputation.

You should know that libelous story based on criminal law, Section 326 specifies processing to defame the victim concluded that someone put a third person by another person is likely to make other people’s reputation was so despised, or is that considered hate foments libelous must be punished with imprisonment for not more than 1 year or a fine of up to 2,000 baht or both. It can be seen that by gossiping can bring the subject troubling to us is very easy to know more is to defame there may be criminal penalty provided person mount. If the gossip is then called to enter. Then, however, it is not mount for defamation and enter the others? Let’s see the knowledge about the laws that helped us survived the fault. The first is the best, do not mount is talking about someone else, should not be damaged. Serious misunderstandings, it is, people often think if the story is true, then the person is not actually a good story. We can talk about his corruption. Uncle Moustache Thai lawyer strongly reiterated that wrong! Not that it matters to other people are abused you, true or untrue, according to the law, you may find the text is entered. For example, did you know that Sister El. Wife adultery with Mr. Mr. Bea, you go to mount my wife to HIV with Mr. b with adultery, but actually it is even considered one leg into your libelous, then the point is that he will remove the subject you or not.

But the text that will be the victim of defamation or not, must consider the feelings of the reasonable man is in General considered that the text to be libelous is probably damaged reputation. Another person, insults, hate or not. The dwelling had been defamatory but the parties (judgment of the Supreme Court at 2777/2545 (2002))

Be careful If to mention other people in a negative way in the matter would get you in trouble. To find out more about this matter Thai Lawyer recommended reading more about Defamation law. Subject to defamation more precaution if the good is not evil, who should go to the best because it is karma is too verbal