There are many people come to ask about Thai inheritance laws, who can get heritage or who can’t get it. If you get heritage and how much you will get of Thai legally defined, it is not complicated to understand; today we have an example for you to see. The legal heir of deceased will get the heritage as following.
1. Descendant (child).
2. Parents.
3. Brothers and sisters of full blood.
4. Brothers and sisters of half-blood.
5. Grandparents.
6. Uncles and aunts.
Spouses are still alive; it is a statutory heir as well, to divide that will according to respectively. If the sequence before still alive, the next sequence do not have rights to the estate inheritance, unless if successor descendant and parents still alive, parents inherited as well. The couple’s marriage will receive a share depending on how much the heir to inherit the sequence, let’s to see an example.
In case the parents were married to each other and have a child together, two years later, the father has died, but the father has money for heritage 1 million baht. To dividing the inheritance the first step must to see that is marriage property or not, assuming it is not marriage property, it is indeed an inheritance for all. Now, let’s see the heirs together that heritage also has a father-mother? Because the father and mother can get a child’s heritage, assuming grandparents still alive, in this case, the person who will be receiving the heritage grandparents as sons. Mother and daughter, or the wife of the owner of the heritage and divide each evenly. In this case it is not a heritage property.
If it is marriage property must divided as fallowing: share to the mother or wife heritage half, and then divide the remaining half to the statutory heirs such as grandfather, grandmother, son and daughter, this is the heritage and wife registered their marriage was legitimate.
Next case, the owners of heritage and his spouse does not have a legal registration of marriage together. There are no sons, and have a heritage is 1 million baht. Need to see who the heirs of the heritage are, and it appears that the heritage has a brother joined their parent and have uncle, aunt. All heritages will be to brother of owner heritage; uncle and aunt still alive don’t have qualified to get the heritage because of the sequence after the brother’s parent owner heritage. The wife doesn’t have qualified to get heritage as well because is not a wife legitimacy of owner heritage.