This case mostly people like to drink coalition but on the way back home is often be a barrier to measure the level of alcohol. When measured over the law would be punishable as follows.
The law was written if the level of alcohol in the blood than 50 mg. Considered guilty of drunk driving a vehicle, illegal act of legislation road traffic Section 160 BA with imprisonment not exceeding 1 year, a fine of 5 thousand to 2 thousand baht or both. And confiscated driving license at least 6 months or cancel driving license with rouses to the public on the other hand if drunk and driving or has an accident to other people injury and die there will be more legal penalties.
1. Normal collisions are causing others slightly injured, according to the law. With imprisonment from 1 to 5 years with 2 adjustable 10,000 to 1 hundred thousand baht. This is a case where someone has been injured slightly.
2. Serious injuries such as broken limbs admitted to the hospital more than 20 consecutive days, with 2-6 years imprisonment with a fine of 4 thousand to 120,000 baht minimum sentence is two years less than this court can’t convict.
3. The final penalty in the case has people died get imprisonment from 3-10 years with a fine of up to 2 thousand 6 hundred thousand baht. In all three cases, the cause of the accident is still required to pay damages for infringement as well such as the property damage, medical expenses and suffering and etc.
The way of survival from blow detector alcohol that, actually we don’t need to suggested, but it is our legal right “we can refuse” but we have to quarantine checkpoint according to law act of legislation road traffic Section paragraph 3. If you do not blow the authorities have the right to detain you until you blow out. But if you do not blow a fine of 1,000 baht, the way a lot of people use, the authorities can’t force you because of the constitutional protection of the rights and freedoms in your body. Officials could not bring needles or sharp objects to pierce and suck the blood out of you, or force detectors stuffed your mouth.
Summary the best way we need to recommend to you, if you drunk you do not driving, If you are drunk, then using public transport better. This is beneficial for both you and others, no risk of accidents with best wishes from us.