Property and acts of agreements.

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Business Legal Services

Legal services business consists of counselling and legal advice and contract drafting system and preparation of legal documents, including legal and other business services, as follows:

Company Partner Law and Investment

Company Partner Law and Investment consist Legal counseling Document or contract about partnership, registered limited liability company. To obtain investment permits factory and industrial area extension of factories and industrial estates, provide register commercial as well as the termination of a legal entity and liquidation, register, modify the entries of a legal entity, monitoring service as a legal entity, and document certification. Value added tax registration, service specific business tax and service request tax identification card.

Thai Intellectual Property Law

Thai Intellectual Property Law consist application for trademark registration, patents and sub-patent, consulting and legal action to protect to take advantage of all types of intellectual property such as patent trademark, copyright and sub-patent. To provide of the permit to use the trademark patent or copyright.

The Labor Law

The Labor Law consist consulting and the preparation of regulations on working. The establishment of compensation funds social security funds, provident fund. Counseling and litigation labor and other operations related to labor law.

The Real Estate Law

The Real Estate Law consist providing legal services to solve land development projects, housing project, condominium, and other property Including acquisitions, construction, provide rules condominium juristic person, legal entity of village and to manage benefit about property. To be agent request permission land allotment, commercial land, land Surveyors, registration of rights on real estate transactions of all types.

聽Litigation court

Litigation court consist the initial consultation in the proceedings, providing litigation, criminal, administrative litigation, including class execution.

Other Services:

  • Registration of marriage to a foreign.
  • Application VISA documents, Translation.
  • Application work permits for foreigners.
  • Negotiations in Government, private, interactive book.
  • Certification of signatures on documents.

The importance of the contract

The Law on legal documents. Or agreement in force Based on the freedom of the individual, a person shall be entitled to freedom of expression when the intent acts or contracts. To result in legal, not limited to that of making a legal contract or intent, it must follow that law in civil and commercial. Book 3 called “specific contracts.

Therefore contracts acts, the legal action arising from an agreement between two or more parties. And to offer a correct match, to making of contract.

The main considerations in the contract

  1. The definition of contract.
  2. To occur of contract.
  3. Results of contract
  4. The benefits of contract
  5. Termination of contract

What you should know the main considerations in the contract.

  1. The purpose of the contract
  2. Form or evidence of the contract
  3. The ability of individuals
  4. The intent of the agreement
  5. revenue stamp

The intent of the contract.

  1. Must act in purity and will seek to tie the legal relationship between the parties.
  2. To show ulterior intention (In the heart of the real intent is to show who did not want to be bound by their intent, that is displayed is not matching with the mouth). Not null.
  3. The intent to deceive by collusive void but the battle will be raised to a third party in good faith and not compensation (section 155).
  4. The intent was to show that fraud or duress is void (section 159.164).



The basic form of the draft contract.

  1. Listing agreement.
  • If you know agreement all parties should be clearly specified in the contract for ease of consideration.
  1. Place on contract
  • The essence to get the information and where the lawsuit occurred must sue the Court.
  1. Date/time of contract
  • It is important for the purpose of enforcing the contract, do the contract or not and the contract will expire at the prosecution or not.
  1. The contract parties, age, domicile.
  • It is important to note that the parties are, or who is substitute, natural person or legal entity.
  • Age, to see you are able to do acts or not if you cannot who is instead.
  • Domicile is useful to send the notice.
  1. Details about the property as the object of debt.
  • The important substance.
  • The details must be specified clearly and according to the wishes of the parties.

Details concerning the rights and obligations of each party.

(1) The rights and obligations of the parties.

  • The rights and obligations of each party will be required to comply with the objectives of each party.

(2) Date and time in settlements or enforce the agreement.

  • For ease and certainty in settlements or enforce the contract.
  • Not determine creditors have the right to require the debtor to pay the debt suddenly.

(3) Payment facility. Or enforce the agreement.

  • For certainty where to payment debt.

(4) For details on how to pay off debt.

  • Transfer into account or pay day appointments.

(5) The agreement on special conditions different from those defined by law.

  • Who is the issuer of the transfer fee, who is the taxpayers?
  1. Damages
  • Be specific clearly, in order to protect the interests of creditors.
  1. What there is contract regulations?
  2. jurisdiction matters
  • Not substantial( not specify section 3-6)



  1. Last paragraph of the contract.
  • How many contract.
  1. Signed contracts.
  • Individuals or attorney.
  • Juristic person sign and seal of the company or attorney.
  • Witness signature or fingerprint two people (If there is no witness the contract is invalidated).
  1. signature of witness (Guaranteed contract)
  • Should be trusted person, the witness must to see signature of the contract.

Summary: The contract should include the following items.

  1. Name of Contract.
  2. Place in the contract.
  3. Date and time of contract.
  4. Name – last name, age, hometown party.
  5. Details relating to the estate of the debt.
  6. Details concerning the rights and obligations of each party.
  7. The breach of contract
  8. The damages for breach of contract.
  9. Obligations of the contract.
  10. The last paragraph of that contract.
  11. signed contracts
  12. Signature of witness 2 person.
  13. Stamp duty.
  14. Documents attached to the contract.

Considerations in the draft agreement.

  • To provide a fair, binding to all parties.
  • Text of the agreement must be absolutely clear.
  • A cutting problem. In the interpretation and gaps in the exploitation or an excuse to deny the responsibility of each party.
  • Rights and responsibilities should be equality.
  • Consider the rights and duties of each party benefits according to the types of contract according to them.
  • Should determine damages when the default.
  • Consider the reason and humanity, especially the scope of claims, according to the law.





3) The text must be enforced by law.

  • Especially regarding peace and public morality.

4) Tax burden.

  1. To pay taxes?
  • Checked to see if the contract Must have a federal tax or fee to the State or not. How much rate amount must be paid?
  1. The law requires determine who is paid.
  • The law requires determine who is paid or pay out the same.
  • The parties may agree that one party to pay.
  1. Agreement shall be paid.
  • Should not suggest that the burden of tax or fee to the other party. The parties agree, however, that according to the draft.

5) Arbitration.

  • The contract between the parties must consider the real purpose, is to help each other a basis for a peaceful solution.
  • Don鈥檛 need to the court, loss of time and money.
  • To cause disaffection kindness.
  • Practice when there is a dispute to start the accession negotiations by sending a representative to negotiate.
  • May use a mediator to help resolve the contract.
  • If the mediator into formal negotiations. The law is called “arbitration”
  • Settlement of disputes by arbitration take a glance save cost, by the atmosphere of the meeting as to consider discuss and having the arbitration organization meeting.
  • Do not stress a couple cases. Not be operational obstacles.

6) The amount of the contract.

  • should be take 2 issue
  • Both the text must be the same in all respects.
  • Contract parties must to sign 2 issue or the number of contracts that make up each edition.
  • It must be stated in the contract that made the old original.
  • Each Party shall keep one edition.







Summary of considerations shape the contract.

Things to consider the draft agreement to be binding, fair to all parties.

  1. Text of the agreement must expressly.
  2. Should have equal rights and obligations.
  3. Messages must be enforced by law.
  4. Tax burden.
    • To pay taxes?
    • The law requires that who is paying.
    • Who is paid in Agreement?
    • Arbitration
    • The amount of the contract.

Thus, knowledge of contracts, thereby solving problems such as do not slip up, do not loss time, money, not being exploited or cheated and help protect against various issues.