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by Mr. Akapat Sayantana a professional association of Thai lawyer and Thai barrister at law with years of experienced since 2002.

We are specializes in litigation service; both civil and criminal cases, private and administrative. We work intensively to concluded best solutions to seek justice for our clients. Furthermore we are expertise in business consultants and legal advice, business contracts, and Thai business structural set up.

Our philosophy always to impart a highly standard of service for our clients in accurate manner, base upon veracity and justice purposes.


3010, 2016

“Drunk Driving”

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This case mostly people like to drink coalition but on the way back home is often be a barrier to measure the level of alcohol. When measured over the law would be punishable as follows. [...]

2010, 2016

Caution purchase or rental.

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One of the important points in making business is buying or renting one is better, this article will tell you that both buying and renting are the advantages and disadvantages deferent. Today we will summarize [...]