Trade Mark and Service Mark registration service.

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Trademark Registration聽Service聽meaning logo or symbol of mark legally registered or established聽by use as representing a company or product. Which聽protected聽under Thai聽Trademark聽Act of B.E. 2534 (1991)聽as聽amended by the Trademarks Act (No.2) of B.E. 2543 (2000) are consist of 4 categories as below:
1. Trademark define as symbol, mark or logo used as聽representing a company or product.

2. Service Mark define as a mark, symbol or logo related to service indicated the different of that particular service, example as Service Mark of Bank, Airlines, or Hotels and so on.

3. Certification Mark define mark certification relating to goods and service of third parties to guarantee the quality of the products of service, example as Halal Food and so on.

4. Collective Mark define as the trademark or service mark used by a company, enterprise, group or by individual members of the association or organization, public or private example as Chang’s Company or Siam Cement Thailand Co., Ltd. and so on.

The Benifit of Trademark Registration

The most important thing once you have created an idea or product of your own is to come up with your brand Trademark and register the trademark to brand your product. So unique that people are easily remember your product and to purchase. Most entrepreneurs do not understand why the need to registered trademark properly is very important.

Trademarks are taking advantage of what The best way to secure your business or product. To determine the identity and market position and commercial exploitation of registered trademarks. If you are a business or a product of intellectual property. Be creative And you want to protect your invention by the abuse of others. When a trademark is registered, then you will be right, and this is an example of what you can get.

1.) Trademark registration. The right to demonstrate and express. You will also be eligible for protection under the law.

2.) Protected up to 10 year then after expires, you can register to be unlimited.

3.) The right to declare that you are the sole owner of the mark. Has the right to use your product, but only one.

4.) You have the right to transfer or sell the trademark rights of others to be legitimate.

5.) Right to sue if someone falsely. Bring your trademark use Or falsely put your product to sell.

6.) You can sue if someone registered trademarks of as we correctly.

7.) The right to litigation related to your trade mark. Exercise your registration is required by the Department of Intellectual Property. You have a right to be fully available.

8) the right to sue any party that led to the use of your trademark without permission.


Here are the most important advantages that you can get on registration of trademarks. Eligibility for legal action against any person who attempts to infringe your trademark, and this is. Some advantages only for registered trademarks. This is important, because when I write it. He would have been eligible for coverage prior to taking over and taking it as an imitation of the goods or services you did not. If your product is outstanding. Interestingly, it is indeed a registered trademark of their marketing advantage. And a great way to protect your business and products.

Classification # 30 Sauce type Trademark

Classification # 45 聽Law firms and office type Trademark

Classification # 36 Electrician and service office 聽type Trademark

Certification Mark

Collective Mark