Will and estate planning.

House CM Limited partnership, our office provide litigation service on the heritage of Thai and foreigners. Service filing a petition to appoint a Manager for heritage. Filing a petition opposed to the appointment of Manager of heritage. As an intermediary between the heirs of dispute resolution by fair. Based on a compromise because the heirs have the right to inherit is a relative, the Office have experience in mediation, so that negotiations can be agreed and not lose the relationship between them.

We also provide drafting service testament both Thai Language and English, It also has experience in legal consulting, by legal advisor of the business, specializing in the draft contract, register real estate, visa. Certification documents, registration store and company partnership business systems planning, legally.

Our goal is aimed at the highest levels of service recipients, by the accuracy and fairness. The team with the expertise and legal experience. With integrity, ethical legal profession. And confidentiality of our customers is paramount.